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Our realistic life-size sex dolls are carefully crafted to satisfy your pleasure and desire. If you are looking for a life-size silicone sex doll, then BULULU is your best choice. With realistic height and weight ratios and fully customizable and detailed skin tone, vagina type, body temperature and hairstyle, our full-size sex doll is your closest real sex doll, providing you with a sexual experience beyond the craziest fantasy.

Life-size sex dolls are the perfect silicone companions, designed to look and feel like a real person's vagina and anus. Our full size sex dolls give you an authentic sexual experience and can be upgraded and customized for different hair types, genital temperatures and torso shapes to enhance your realism.

Our live sex dolls are designed to satisfy your wildest sexual fantasies, with a plethora of sexual activity with your new partner. With different types of customization options, our life-size dolls are free of any fetishes or fantasies. Whether you're looking for realistic celebrity sex dolls or sex dolls with big butts, we've got you covered for the ultimate fun.

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