Mini sex doll

Do you like mini sex dolls? Because it is easier to hide, or just attracted by the little things in life, tiny sexdoll are the right choice.

Mini sex doll

Black sex dolls have a very sexy feeling. We have a wide selection of realistic ebony sex dolls, from sexy slender beauties to curvy goddesses, all with irresistible charm and will surely make you excited.

Mini sex doll

A teenage sex doll evokes images of youth and curiosity, all of which are tied into a body type to celebrate these years in a different way. Our juvenile sex doll is built on a fully movable skeleton frame with TPE silicone polymer skin, which feels as close to reality as possible when science allows.

Welcome to the world of BULULU sex dolls. When it comes to finding cheap sex dolls, you have come to the right page! We have the most realistic sex dolls and real dolls you can find. BULULU provides the best customer experience, offers the best price guarantee and free sex dolls almost everywhere. Buy realistic sex dolls, lover dolls and various sex toys below, or customize real sex dolls to suit your preferences.

Life-size sex doll

Our life-size sex dolls are carefully crafted to satisfy your pleasure and desires. Full-size sex dolls feature realistic height and weight ratios, as well as fully customizable skin tones, vaginas, body temperature and hairstyles, giving you a sexual experience beyond your wildest fantasies.

Halloween Sex Doll Deals

Sex Doll Realistic | Best Real Doll & Sexy Sex Dolls For Sale

Welcome to our real doll online store! We offer more styles of realistic sex dolls at lower prices than other similar stores. Free shipping on all big breast, breast, small breast adult dolls! Buy life size sex dolls for more sexual experience, more importantly, they will never complain about you and fulfill all your sexual position fantasies, they will explore more sexual knowledge with you.

Best Seller Real Doll

165cm Sexy Curvy Sex Doll – Miyala $866.00$966.00

Mini sex doll

They can help relieve anxiety, loneliness

With the fierce competition in society, people’s pressure is increasing. People try to reduce stress in a number of ways, like going to a bar, going to play golf, etc. But how can these be more exciting than having a sexual partner? Real dolls have several benefits, from boosting your confidence by increasing your stamina, to having a high-tech toy in your bedroom. They are cheaper than dating and can help you get out of your sex life when you meet new people. We want you to share these strengths and become a better, more confident lover. But until you get some clarification about what love dolls torso literally mean, you’ll be on the sidelines forever.

Real sex dolls are obedient

Here you are the general and they will listen to any order you give and execute it absolutely 100%. You can try different sex positions. You can have sex with a sex doll anywhere in your home. If you like realistic oral sex dolls, you can use her mouth, vagina and anus to vent your lust.

Amazing physical pleasure

If you’re serious about buying a sex doll, you’ve probably done your research on brands, materials, and everything in between. However, if you are new to the business, you should know that the pleasure you get from having sex with a silicone sex doll is directly related to the amount you spend on her. You can buy a lot of things cheaply and get everything from them that you would have against more expensive opponents. However, sex dolls are not one of these products. However, you are currently living in an era where manufacturing and technology are advancing faster than ever before. This means that lover dolls are becoming more advanced, detailed and realistic. Additionally, many dolls come with the option of a removable vagina that can be interchanged with vaginas that contain ridges, vibrations, etc. for maximum pleasure. More advanced dolls have heating systems that replicate the warmth of a real vagina. Add a little lube and you’re on your way to Happy City!

Clean your sex doll

Clean your doll after each use, you can clean the vagina/anus/mouth, you can also take your doll to bathe, don’t let the neck or head get too wet. This is to prevent any metal parts from rusting. Do not use abrasive soaps or any other general cleaning products.

Dry your sex doll

Pat dry with a clean soft cotton cloth and allow skin to air dry completely. Once dry, apply talc (talc) to the doll. Do not apply talc while your doll is still wet. Also do not put any other substances on the skin, such as scented oils

Sex Doll Wig Care

Sex doll wigs should always be removed from doll heads before cleaning. Shampoo and conditioner are available if you prefer. We recommend combing the hair directly after cleaning and letting the wig air dry on the wig stand.

Cheap sex dolls

Factory real doll pictures

Common problem:

The most realistic sex dolls are usually made from silicone. From the manufacture of metal skeletons to the filling of foams, all need to be handled carefully – the joints of the metal must be in the center of the material, otherwise it will lead to the production of defective products. But with the development of technology, dolls made of TPE materials are also very realistic. We mainly use high quality TPE materials to produce real sex doll. We also provide luxury silicone lifelike sex dolls for sale, of course, they are relatively expensive.

Because of their ability to be posed in different positions silicone real life sex dolls are popular with artists and photographers as models. We promise all our best sex dolls are the most realistic.

After placing an order online, you will receive an order confirmation email containing your order number. We will start processing your order immediately. Usually, an order takes about 2 weeks to build, and then another week to ship. This means that you will receive your order within approximately 3 weeks after purchase.

First, we need to know what kind of real doll you want to make. You just need to send me photos, and we can sculpt human faces based on photos of real people. Secondly, we can shape its shape to the size you want. Whether it’s big breasts, small breasts, big ass, or small ass. The vagina can be freely made into movable vagina and fixed vagina. The detachable vagina is easy to clean, and the fixed vagina is realistic, which is a good choice. Standing feet and non-standing feet, you can stand on your own, without standing, you can sit or lie down, just like your perfect lover.

Once the shipment is shipped, you will receive the shipment tracking information via email as soon as it is available. We use FedEx and UPS as our main transportation partners. After obtaining the tracking information, you can check the status and location of the shipment on the corresponding website.

We ship to the United States, Canada and most of Europe. Not sure if your country/region is included?

Yes, according to the customization option you choose, the doll you receive will be the same as the doll in the product photo. It should be noted that product photos are taken using professional lighting and photography, and do not include clothing.

The clothes in the photo are not included and are only used for shooting. However, we do include a small dress in each order, usually a sexy lingerie.

Our sex dolls are made of a material called thermoplastic elastomer, usually called TPE. TPE is the most popular and recommended material for making sex dolls. This is because it is a unique combination of softness and durability. It is soft enough to mimic the feel of female skin, but strong enough to resist damage.

When you bring your sex doll home for the first time, everything about her is exciting. However, this may eventually happen and you want to put her aside without using her. This may bring some challenges. The size and weight of your sex doll, at least roughly, as a petite woman. This means that there is a person lying next to you who cannot move on their own. When she is not in use, you need to move her to keep her where you want.

The best place to store the doll is on the bed, placed in a natural posture. This puts the least pressure on her internal bones and is the most gentle on her synthetic body. For this reason, most customers usually put their sex doll on the bed, but you can also put her on the sofa or chair, in the closet (just don’t fold her too tightly), or anything else you Put her down gently where it can be placed, and don’t twist her body too tight to make her fit.

The BULULU store offers the best sexdolls in various categories. Here are the sex doll categories:

Dolls by age: mini sex dolls, teen sex dolls, adult sex dolls, mature and mature sex dolls.
Dolls by Body Size: Life Size, Torso, Curvy, BBW, Fitness, Small, Big Boobs, Fat and Lifelike Sex Dolls.
Racial Dolls: Anime, Blonde, Celebrity, Pornstar, Black, Japanese and Asian Sex Dolls.
Male and female sex dolls: Female, male sex dolls, gay, lesbian and shemale sex dolls.

Simulated real female sex dolls have many different names in China, Japan, Europe and America. Many people in China still habitually call these realistic sex dolls inflatable real dolls, which is a very incorrect name. These styling simulations, the figure that the whole body can move and pose, regardless of the material they are made of, are completely incompatible with the inflation.

In the mainland of China, the most common name is real sex doll, which may be called solid sex dolls because these artificial lifelike sex dolls are all solid. In addition to the name of the realistic real doll, the names of sex dolls, adult sex dolls, silicone real custom sex doll, and simulation dolls are often used. Silicone sex dolls are also commonly used names, which is because early artificial lover dolls were made of silicone, so the simulation of dolls is equivalent to silicone real dolls. Today, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) has become a common raw material for doll making on the market, but there are still many consumers who cannot distinguish between TPE and silicone. So many consumers have bought TPE sex doll, but he thought what he bought was the so-called silicone real life sex dolls.

In Europe and the United States, these most realistic sex doll is called real adult sex dolls, real Doll, Real Doll, Life Size Sex Doll and so on. It is particularly worth mentioning that many people directly call them “Real Doll” because it first appeared in The American brand of simulated silicone dolls is called “Real Doll”. In the past 20 years, real love sex dolls have become synonymous with artificial fucking a sex doll and is deeply rooted in the hearts of European and American consumers. But now, according to the application of real doll, the most commonly used name are sex dolls. As for the confusion between Silicone and TPE Doll, it is also common in Europe and America. Besides, the biggest different of these two types of best sex dolls are price, and you can have sex with sex doll anytime. Silicone full size sex doll is more expensive than TPE doll.

The most realistic sex dolls for men and women made from high quality silicone and cyber skin. In this section you will find compact dolls that are easy to store, transport and afford along with full size lifelike sex dolls that can be as tall as 6 feet and have body proportions of an average woman. We offer real dolls with Asian, Caucasian and African features, most of thefucking a real doll is customizable, you can choose desirable skin tone, eye color, hair color etc. Adult dolls with metal skeleton base are more expensive than solid silicone sex doll as you can position them in different ways and enjoy a truly realistic experience.


Why choose BULULU to buy real sex dolls?

High-quality sex doll material

The BULULU store provides the most realistic sex dolls and blow up sex dolls, using the best silicone materials and TPE. Silicone sex dolls use a non-toxic, non-polluting silicone material. It is an amorphous material with high adsorption performance, good thermal stability and stable chemical properties.
The tpe doll is made of thermoplastic elastomer. TPE material has the characteristics of high strength, high resilience, injection molding, environmental protection, non-toxic safety, good colorability and so on. It’s the skin of a real sex doll with very realistic breasts, buttocks and everything. All realistic sex dolls for men and women are made one-to-one with real people, the skin feels real, has enough elasticity, and the chest and hips are soft. Enhances the real feel of the sex experience.

cheap sex doll

Our company has specialized in the TPE and silicone love doll industry for more than 10 years. You can enjoy wholesale prices of products at BULULU and maintain a competitive price advantage. Our store believes that quality is the most important factor in the market. This page has a collection of affordable sex dolls on our website, you can choose anyone according to your budget. Don’t worry about scams, high quality and low price is the cornerstone of BULULU’s vision, business philosophy and philosophy.

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